Melissa Maker is the founder of Clean My Space, a housekeeping service based in her native Toronto, Canada. She’s also the host of YouTube’s CleanMySpace channel, with a growing subscriber count of 1.6 million (in 165 countries!) and more than 220 million video views. She dispenses useful, time-saving cleaning tips, tricks, and recommendations on everything from developing a daily cleaning routine to cleaning name brand products. Melissa’s fans tune in on YouTube (for new videos every week!) to get the latest advice on their cleaning needs and follow her life as an entrepreneur, new mom, cat lady and foodie (among many other things).

While Melissa has delivered her expert advice on cleaning products, tools, and DIY substitutes for more than 14 years, she wasn’t always a cleaning pro (actually, she still hates to clean) and understands that people are looking for practical, time-saving solutions to everyday problems. In March of 2017, her book, Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster and Loving Your Home Every Day hit shelves and became an instant bestseller. In 2016, Melissa launched a line of premium microfiber cleaning cloths, called Maker’s Clean. They rank among the top-selling consumer microfiber cloths worldwide.

She has spoken at the FBI and has been on the Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and is a regular guest expert on The Social. Melissa is the go-to cleaning expert for magazines and publications such as Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, HGTV magazine and more.

You can follow her on Instagram to see what she’s up to. If you’re a producer or writer looking for a cleaning expert, get in touch with Melissa today by calling our office at (416) 619-4940 or sending an email to media [@]

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