Please have the following items available for our visit:

Required cleaning products:

  • Glass Cleaner:
    Needed to clean mirrors and windows. We recommend plain white vinegar and water, mixed in a spray bottle.
  • All-Purpose Cleaner:
    Needed for cleaning most surfaces in the home. We recommend Pink Solution, a natural enzyme-based cleaner, as our preferred all-purpose cleaner, or Pink Solution Scrub for heavy duty cleaning (tubs, tiles, grease, pots, pans, and sinks). More information about these products (they’re a little-known brand) is available in our product catalogue.
  • Disinfectant:
    This is used to disinfect points of contact, as well as when cleaning bathrooms.
  • Dish Soap:
    A very safe, pH neutral cleaner used for cleaning dishes and several other parts of the home which require a mild cleanser.
  • Baking Soda:
    Provides deodorizing capabilities and helps provide gentle abrasion where the abrasive cleaner cannot be used.
  • Vinegar:
    Terrific as a glass cleaner, tile floor cleaner and grease-cutter.

Required cleaning tools:

  • Microfiber twist mop and wringer bucket or flat head mop:
    We find these offer a safe and superior clean.
  • Functioning, full sized vacuum cleaner:
    Vacuums help remove dust and allergens in your home. For smaller spaces, compact/stick vacuums work really well. We would be glad to recommend some of our favorite brands if you like!
  • Double-sided sponges:
    One for the kitchen, one for the bathrooms.
  • Microfiber cloths:
    J cloths, old towels or cut up shirts do not count. Minimum 1-2 per room.
  • Toilet bowl brush:
    With a bowl brush container.
  • Paper Towel:
    For jobs where a cleaning cloth won’t suffice (i.e. a toilet).
  • Three-Step Ladder:
    If you wish for us to reach higher areas, we cannot use anything aside from a stepladder. Please note that without one we won’t be able to clean anything higher than arm’s reach.