What you need

Tools that get down and dirty:

  • Microfiber twist mop and wringer bucket or flat head mop:
    We find these offer a safe and superior clean.
  • Functioning, full sized vacuum cleaner:
    Vacuums help remove dust and allergens in your home. For smaller spaces, compact vacuums work really well. We would be glad to recommend some of our favourite brands if you like!
  • Double-sided sponges:
    One for the kitchen, one for the bathrooms.
  • Microfiber cloths:
    J cloths, old towels or cut up shirts do not count. Minimum 1-2 per room.
  • Toilet bowl brush:
    With a bowl brush container.
  • Paper Towel:
    For jobs where a cleaning cloth won’t suffice (i.e. a toilet).
  • Step Ladder:
    If you wish for us to reach higher areas, we cannot use anything aside from a stepladder. Please note that without one we won’t be able to clean anything higher than arm’s reach.

Products we put on a pedestal:

  • Glass Cleaner:
    Required to clean mirrors and windows. We recommend plain white vinegar and water, mixed in a spray bottle.
  • All-Purpose Cleaner:
    Needed for cleaning most surfaces in the home. We recommend Pink Solution, a natural enzyme-based cleaner, as our preferred all-purpose cleaner, or Mother’s Choice, for heavy duty cleaning (tubs, tiles, grease, pots, pans, and sinks).
  • Disinfectant:
    This is used to disinfect points of contact, as well as when cleaning bathrooms.
  • Dish Soap:
    A very safe, pH neutral cleaner used for cleaning dishes and several other parts of the home which require a mild cleanser.
  • Baking Soda:
    Provides deodorizing capabilities and helps provide gentle abrasion where the abrasive cleaner cannot be used.
  • Vinegar:
    Terrific as a glass cleaner, tile floor cleaner and grease-cutter.

Pink Solution Enzyme Cleaner – The All-Natural Wonder.

Pink Solution is our top choice for most cleaning duties. 100% vegetable based, all natural Pink Solution is a dilutable enzyme cleaner made in Vancouver, BC. One container of Pink Solution (along with a spray bottle) will replace virtually all cleaning agents that are required in an average home. It turns out that the most economical choice is also the most environmentally friendly!

Mother’s Choice Abrasive Cleaner- One Tough Mother with a gentler side.

Mother’s Choice, Pink Solution’s sister product, is also recommended as a hard surface cleaner that can replace everything from tub & tile cleaner to oven cleaner. It is made from the same 4 ingredients as Pink Solution with the addition of ground pumice stone to remove heavy dirt and soils.

Attitude- Taking Eco-Friendly up a notch.

From Montreal, QC comes Attitude’s line of all natural cleaning products, which provide your home with complete cleaning coverage in the most eco-friendly
way. The disinfectant and bathroom cleaner we carry both leave a wonderful fresh scent behind thanks to the use of only the finest naturally pressed pure essential oils.

Call us to learn more about these brands and say goodbye to harsh and overly abrasive cleaners!